Human Resources; Marketing And Business Courses

  1.  Remote Working (Working at Home) both professionally & Profitably - ( Course includes Bonus information on How to Evaluate any Online Business)

  2. Business Success Insights & Habits (Effective and Efficient Applications

  3. Business & Community Research Methods (Planning, Demand/Needs analysis, Forecasting and Implementing Methodologies)

  4. Business Reports & Community Reports and Presentation Writing Skills & Formats

  5. Creating great working relationships with Clients & Customers - Networks and Connections

  6. Guidance to investing (Investment & Portfolio management & Analysis)

  7. High performance Installation through revitalizing the workplace & re-engineering of work-flow operations and processes.

  8. Application of Leadership & Confidence Development

  9. Managing Change towards an Intelligent Enterprise ( Personal & Organizational)

  10. Management of Multi-disciplinary Teams (team work)

  11. Managing organizational Conflicts and Resolutions

  12. Managing Financial Budgets (Personal & Organizational)

  13. Management and Handling of effective Customer Complaints for Financial Service Organizations

  14. Personal Management & Human Resources Planning for efficiency Performance

  15. Strategic Planning  Implementation of Projects within Organizations

  16. Small Scale Business (Start-ups Planning & Implementation Skills)

  17. Scientific Approach to effective HR Department Mangement (Bringing out the best in the Human Resource)

  18. Writing Professional & Successful Business Plans

  19. How to buy a Profitable Business Venture ( Evaluation methods of a Business and a Franchise for sale)

  20. Conducting Effective, detailed and various types of Staff Performance Appraisals

  21. Successful Marketing of Professional Consulting Services

  22. Marketing Skills and Superior Sales Management including Promotion & Advertising 

health care.jfif

 Health And Wellness Courses

  1. Epidemics Awareness & Prevention Strategies for Groups & Communities

  2. Infections control and AIDS Management in the Workplace

  3. Infectious Diseases ( Epidemics) Prevention and AIDS spread control - South Africa (Epidemiology)

  4. Adolescent (Youth) Sexual & Reproductive Health (SRHR)

  5. Counselling & Testing (HTC): Theory & Practical Psychotherapy Skills & Methods

  6. Couple Counselling & Group (Family) Counselling - Psychotherapy skills and methods for professionals

  7. Rural AIDS Prevention using the Story telling Home based Care Flipchart Manual

  8. Elements of Health & Nutritional Healing for Professionals (Immune Power for Perfect Health)

  9. Primary Care 101 including Home-Based Care (HBC) for Public Health Professionals

  10. Trauma and Shock Intervention methods & Psychotherapy

  11. Wellness/Positive Living (Immune System Power Boosting Techniques)

  12. The Advance Counselling / Psychotherapy (HTC) (Refresher Course for Counsellors)

  13. The Mind and Body Connection & Balancing for Wellness and Therapy

  14. Professional Provider Initiated Counselling & Testing (PICT)

  15. Pediatric Care & Counselling (Children and Mortality)

  16. Prevention and the Elimination of Mother to Child Transmission of HIV (EMTCT & PMTCT)

  17. Trainer of Sexuality Transmissible Infections: Management, Barrier Methods & Surveillance Strategies

  18. Tuberculosis (T.B): Prevention, Treatment and Care.

  19. Epidemics Infections Control and  Management for Health Professionals

  20. Doctors and Nurses Initiated Management of Antiretroviral Treatment Health & Primary Health Care

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Organizational and Community Empowerment Courses

  1. Adult Education Skills (Training OF TRAINERS)

  2. Community Organization and Mobilization for Healthcare techniques and other Causes.

  3. Crime & Violence Prevention: Youth Empowerment & Intervention techniques

  4. Women and Gender – Life Skills and empowerment Strategies for Youth & Women)

  5. Effective Support Groups Management and Psychotherapy

  6. Wellness/Positive Living (Immune System Power Boosting Techniques)

  7. Trainer’s Guide: People Living with Chronic illnesses including Going Public.

  8. Developing & Promoting Successful Seminar & workshops

  9. Mentoring Methods & Creating Organizational Mentorship Programs

  10. Evaluation and Monitoring Strategies for Organizations; Projects & Communities

  11. Project Management, Planning & Budget Management

  12. Projects Technical & Professional Report Writing Skills

  13. Writing Professional Winning Projects Proposals & Consulting Proposals

  14. Designing Organizational Employee Wellness and Health Assistance Programs

  15. Organizational Monitoring and Evaluation Methodologies and Implementation techniques

  16. Human Resource and Volunteers Staff Development for Non Profit Organizations.

  17. The Strategic Management of Successful Non-Profit Organizations

  18. Modes of Assessment of the Impact of Health systems to the Public.

  19. Policy Making guidelines for Organizations and Institutions

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Personal Growth And Development Courses

  1. Practicing Wellbeing; the Joy of being & Tranquility (Deep Calmness & Relaxation techniques)

  2. Public speaking and Training of TRAINERS: (the practical presentation skills & tips for training in Workshops; Seminars and Professional Courses)

  3. Livelihood Development including Volunteers; Mobilization, Motivation, Co-ordination & Management.

  4. Communication & Presentations: Oral & Writing Skills

  5. Fundraising & Financial Management (including Funds investment strategies and sustainability strategies)

  6. Success with Focused Goal Setting and Mind reprogramming

  7. Optimal Thinking Skills & Mind reprogramming skills for Personal and Business Success

  8. Application of Leadership  & Confidence Development

  9. Persuasion & Negotiating power within communication skills in Business/ Management

  10. Professional Consulting (Coaching & Mentorship Skills) for Success in Business & Life

  11. Stress Management & Mind Management with Mental fitness

  12. Success Reprogramming methods including Leveraging the Mind for focused Efficient Action Steps

  13. The Mind and Body Connection, Alignment & Balancing for  Personal growth and Business Success

  14. Time Management and scheduling techniques

  15. Talent Management & Personal Skills development for the Right business

  16. Public speaking and Training of TRAINERS: (the practical presentation skills & tips for training in Workshops; Seminars and Professional Courses)

  17. Effective Study Skills, Assignments  and Exams preparation techniques

  18. Career Selection Guidelines, Processes and Successful Career Management

  19. The Strategic Management of Successful Non-Profit Organizations